Spartina Biotechnologies

Dear Investor,

Welcome to Spartina Biotechnologies, a company devoted to protecting people from viral infections and their impacts on global health.

The scientists at Spartina Biotechnologies are developing a safe, fast-acting anti-viral technology that could serve as a treatment and preventative for COVID-19, if successful.  In a short time, our country and the world could be taking a Spartina medication to stop the progression of COVID-19 and prevent an infection from the virus. 

With all the public concerns about vaccines, and the recent problems with the human trials, a non-vaccine medication could be the answer to finding a way out of this pandemic and as a solution for future emerging viral diseases.  

The medication, called SIREN™ technology, has no anticipated side effects, which means it is as safe as any medication could be. It can be manufactured as an injectable or ingestible by anyone of the many pharmaceutical companies in a rapid process. And it can be brought to market very quickly.

Recent public polls have shown that only about 50% of people in the U.S. are willing to take the vaccine, and reports show the vaccine, which has not been produced yet, will only be up to 70% effective. That means herd immunity will not be reached for many years, if ever, and leaves the opportunity for our anti-viral medication to be very successful in the market. SIREN is being developed to provide a safer alternative to vaccines and is easy to use and affordable.

The next few months are crucial as we complete the Proof of Technology (POT) and Proof of Concept (POC) phases of this development. The trial phase begins soon after and we hope to move on to manufacturing and have a product to market in 2021. 

If you are interested in being part of this life-changing technology, something that could help eradicate COVID-19 and move on to tackle other viruses, please contact us today. 

Let’s change the world of viral diseases together. 

Paul Laur
CEO, Co-founder

Keara Sauber