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Global Experts Join Fight for COVID-19 treatment as part of Spartina Biotechnologies Scientific Advisory Board

Santa Fe, New Mexico – September, 2020.

Spartina Biotechnologies appoints global experts in immunology, medicine, and biology to serve on scientific advisory board.

Spartina Biotechnologies is poised to move rapidly on their quest to develop a two-pronged solution to COVID-19 viral infections. The solution, named SIREN™, is designed to stop the replication of the coronavirus while giving a kick-start to the innate immunity within the patient to provide double coverage for the fight against COVID-19 – all without the use of a vaccine which is facing growing public concern.

To tackle this work, Spartina Biotechnologies has employed a team of leading scientists with expertise in human cell biology, microbiology, bioinformatics, computational molecular design, and molecular genetics to work alongside a world-class Scientific Advisory Board. The Board is made up of experts in medical immunology, medical molecular biology, and RNAi. Members include:

Dr. Stephen Hedrick, an endowed professor of medical immunology at the University of California San Diego Medical School

Dr. John Schoggins, an endowed professor of immunology and medical molecular microbiology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

Dr. Richard Jorgensen, one of the original scientists to discover the RNA interference effect and an emeritus professor at the University of Arizona.


Spartina Biotechnologies is a biotech company developing a patent-pending technology called, SIREN™, designed to control Coronavirus. The SIREN technology delivers a double-pronged solution against COVID-19, acting simultaneously as an antiviral drug and an immune system activator. Spartina Biotechnologies is located in New Mexico. For more information visit

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