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SIREN is a novel drug delivery system harnessing the power of exosomes as a mechanism to deliver targeted therapeutics for multiple applications including the treatment of viral diseases, cancer, and inflammatory conditions.

about Spartina biotechnologies

We Are Disrupting The RNA Therapeutics Industry

Spartina Biotechnologies is an early-stage biotech company that is developing and implementing a platform (SIREN™) for the precision delivery of RNA molecules to specific cells and organs to stop the spread of viruses.  

By its nature, SIREN will deliver natural-like RNA molecules to the cells that viruses are able to infect and destroy the virus’s RNA, without affecting the human gene’s RNA, blocking further replication and spread of the virus.

Once developed, The SIREN™ platform can be used for broad application in the treatment of cancers, neurogenerative and inflammatory pathological conditions, and regenerative medicine.

Also, our platform will also be poised to rapidly deploy a treatment for any emerging virus almost immediately after discovery.

Our First Application

To this day, COVID-19 remains a global medical priority. Spartina Biotechnologies is developing the exosomes-based RNA delivery system for treatment of Sars-CoV2 infection. The SIREN system will deliver RNA molecules to all cells susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 infection and destroy the virus’s RNA, blocking further replication, and spread of the virus.

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