Current Partners

SPARTINA BIOTECH LLC has established partnerships with Santa Fe Community College. Santa Fe Community College is working hard to utilize renewable energy sources, develop biofuel technologies, and educate the next generation of renewable energy producers.

Another partner working with SPARTINA BIOTECH LLC is Cyrq Energy, which operates The Lightning Dock Geothermal resource area in southwest New Mexico, in Hidalgo County, which is the location of the Dale Burgett Geothermal Plant. Cyrq is working with SPARTINA BIOTECH LLC to optimize biofuels production and pioneer the country's first hybrid geothermal / biomass power plant.

Investing and Developing Partnerships

SPARTINA BIOTECH LLC is working with investors interested in developing biofuel production. Research is underway to develop the next generation of biofuel plant genetics, and there are ongoing planting and waste water recycling projects. To learn more about how to support these scientific developments, please contact the Managing Member, Paul Laur.